Maritime Area Integral Supervision (MAIS)
Vertical Solutions (VS)

Keteatech is the professionnal business line of Wooboat. Keteatech’s products and services rely on the knowledge and experience of Wooboat.

The PaaS MAIS Suite

The PaaS MAIS Suite are integrated systems of hardware (Wooboat devices) and software platforms (PaaS MAIS) whose purpose is to control and collect data from a maritime area with a defined perimeter called Integrated Maritime Area Surveillance (MAIS)

It basically consists of the following systems:
1. PaaS MAIS (GSM & Satellite) System
2. PaaS MAIS (GSM & Satellite) Data Reporting
3. MAIS Customer Expert Report

The PaaS MAIS System also provides Vertical Solutions  to solve specific problems such as Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Fishing Control, Data Buoys, Maritime Data Transmission and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI´s).

Wooboat – Keteatech Switzerland (Headquarters)
Nicolas Vandeweghe
Rue des Bains, 35
1205 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 76 326 25 41
+33 609 95 25 41


Wooboat – Keteatech Malta
Russlan Cilia Salini 5,
Triq Lifurna Marsalforn,
Goto Malta
+356 79788276
+356 27554649


Wooboat – Keteatech Spain
Gonzalo Portas
Emilio Gonzalez
Ctra. Valldemossa km 7.5,
Ed. Disset 1° Pta
07121 Palma de Mallorca (Baleares)
Parque Balear de Innovacion Tecnologica
+34 622 50 13 95
+34 608 13 24 77


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