The solution for fleet management

KeteaTech Maritime Fleet Intelligence collects sensor data generated by ships at the sea and transmits them to a secure data storage several times a day. A web service enables remote view of the current status of each ship.

The whole set of sensor data is analyzed with Big Data technologies to reduce fleet operating costs by predictive maintenance, superior weather forecast and advanced utilization estimation and is presented in easily accessible reports once a day.


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Maritime Fleet Intelligence at a glance

The power of real-time data & automation for your fleet

Always know where your vessels are
Instantly check the positions of your boats and the routes they have taken

Keep track of your onboard systems
Ensure your batteries are in top condition and the fuel tank is sufficiently filled

Shorten your reaction time
Quickly locate any boat of your fleet that requires assistance or is leaving the geo-fence area

Automate important actions
Automatically pump bilge water of a moored ship, switch the heating/cooling on unexpected temperature changes

Quickly receive alerts
Get a warning on your smartphone if a moored ship has lost shore power or smoke is detected onboard

Increase fleet profit with historical data & data analysis

Improve maintenance
Enhance the life cycle of your ships & devices with better data insights resulting in shorter shipyard time.

Seamless documentation
Create reports of everything ever happened to a ship when dealing with insurances or selling a boat

Personalize data
Gain insights on your crews or customers skills, routes and actions with the customer relationship management

Analyze your data assets
Reveal potential for optimization & detect anomalies by analyzing the patterns of your ships

Digitize Your Fleet business

Please contact us for a personal offer depending on the type & size of your fleet

The Modules

Maritime Fleet Intelligence consists of different modules to choose from, depending on the specific needs of your fleet business.


is a personal database keeping track of your fleet. You can access a huge amount of detailed data for every ship of your fleet in an easy way.


allows fleet owners to check routes, measure distances & speed, also enable geo-fencing to send an alert if unauthorized movement of a ship is detected.


offers very detailed information about the climatology and includes superior weather forecast. It also alerts about upcoming storms that could harm a parked ship

Rigging & Sails
Rigging & Sails

makes use of tension sensors in the mast and the sail, telling the owner if the forces applied by the skipper were within or above critical limits.


shows sensor data and helps to predict upcoming repairs. It also documents the life of the ship, with a detailed report of the history of the boats device conditions.

Boat Automation
Boat Automation

controls the cabin lights, refrigerators, heating, etc. It also offers advanced security by checking water sensors in the bilge and smoke sensors for critical situations.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

takes all information of the other modules and assigns them to a specific person of your business. Within one report you can see the full history of everything this person has ever done with your ships.


transmits the information of Navigation, eMaintenance and Rigging & Sails modules in real-time to enable first-class mentoring of the sailing crews by the team leaders at land.

Booking & Schedule
Booking & Schedule

makes it eays to organize who will be using a boat of your fleet at which date & time. This allows straightforward organization of the booking of a charter company, sharing your boat with your friends or the daily work assignment for your professional working fleet.


helps you create checklists to make sure everything related to your ship is done properly. When a task is audited, you or your customer can mark it as done. In the checklist viewer, you can quickly see which checklist has been completely processed or has open checkpoints

Docs & Manuals
Docs & Manuals

is a digital storage for all your technical documents. You can up & download documents for your fleet or just a single ship and clearly arrange them in a folder structure of your choice. You and your customers have access to all relevant manuals, technical drawings and registration documents at a glance

Yacht Assistant
Yacht Assistant

makes it possible to order anything needed for a relaxed life onboard . Our local partners in every harbor take care about shopping needs of the boat and the crew, book a table in the best restaurant in town and ensure guest are fetched wherever they arrive.

The Maritime Fleet Management System

The Maritime Fleet Management System

1) Sensors & devices connected to Woobox
The Woobox always collects the GPS coordinates and monitors the battery it is connected to. Additional sensors for engine-running, wind, secondary battery, mast & hull stress, list, valves, doors, water leakage, smoke, etc. can be attached.

Devices like pumps, lights, heaters, etc. can be connected for remote switching.

2) Woobox data processing & automation
The Woobox stores all sensor data until the next transmission via GSM or on-board satelite communication.

The Woobox is also able to send commands to the ship. Thanks to the integrated automation routines, this is even possible without online connection.

3) Secure data storage
All data is gathered on secure servers where it can be enriched with additional external data (meteorological, port information, etc.)

4) Data analytics
Processes historical and recent data for better insights, also uses external data for advanced predictions

5) User-friendly web service
The Keteatech Maritime Fleet Intelligence webservice displays the data of your ships as well as the results of the data analysis.

With our Android & iOS app, alarms can be received on a smartphone

Secure Your Ship

You want to make sure your ship is always alright?

Go digital - The Basic Package

We offer complete packages covering everything needed to connect your fleet to the Internet of Boats.

The data collection & automation solution, additional sensors for security (e.g. water leak, smoke, temperature) or boat automation (e.g. bilge pump, mooring lights) available on request.

The network of partners takes care of installing the equipment on your ships.

Maritime Fleet Intelligence – Fleet Basic plan
The Fleet Basic plan covers all modules needed to ensure the safety of your ships and includes a flat rate for GSM data transmission:
Boat Automation

Please contact us for a personal offer depending on the type & size of your fleet!

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One platform - multiple solutions

Maritime Fleet Intelligence can easily be adapted to the needs of your maritime business. The combination of real-time sensor data and data analytics creates unique services to meet the demand of today's nautical requirements.

Maritime commercial
Maritime commercial

Collect the data of your fleet from multiple sources and integrate them into a single platform. Discover the insights that adress your real boat challenges


Offer premium services to your clients equipped with Maritme Fleet Intelligence. Gain new customers and enhance your business models with real time & historic data

Law enforcement
Law enforcement

Adapt KeteaTech technology to your needs to increase Maritime Domain Awareness and increase efficiency of your small to mid size boats used by police, coastguards and navy

Ship manufacturers
Ship manufacturers

Design a connected boat in no time. We assist in the development of tailor made solutions to connect your ship to the age of IoT

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